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Upwork tracker issue

Hi, I noticed this earlier that I am working more, but the tracker shows less. Do you know what the issue can be, can you help me to fix this?


Hi Denis,


Thank you for your message. If you are referring to the time showing under Today, I see that you have selected UTC as your timezone on Desktop App. That said, your tracker time will be reset after 00:00 UTC every day and all logged hours thereafter will be added to the next day.


Thank you,



Hi Pradeep!

Do you think I need to change to my time zone not (UTC)?

I have still issue with the tracker yesterday I worked 15hr+ but counted only 12hr..This is the first time this happend to me I'm working 8 months+ on unpwork never happend to me...can you help me please?Thanks!

Hi Denis,


You don't need to change your time zone. I can see a total of 14:40 hours logged for this week. Please note that the Upwork Desktop App takes screenshots when you are actively working on your computer. The App doesn't track time for periods of inactivity when there are no keystrokes or mouse clicks. So you not working on the computer where you are tracking time can be a reason for missing segments.

~ AJ
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