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i ended my contract where my money go it wasnt complete

i ended my contract with the freelancer i hired one the hiring day. where did my money go? it was 150 dollars but the freelancer did not recieve anything his account got suspended

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i accidently ended my contract on the first day. There was a option of saying close job and end contract i did not know  .and there was a feedback option i thought it was about a successful contract so i gave a rating . My work was not complete also. and now the freelancer is messaging me that his account was suspended due to the accusation of only hiring for reviews. but the freelancer is ready to do my work what should i do.


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Hi Muhammad,


I have checked your account and since the contract has accidentally ended, the funds have been credited back to your account as a balance. You can validate this by going to your Transaction History page. 


I have escalated your report to the appropriate team and one of the members will reach out to you via a support ticket. You can access your ticket on this page and please don't hesitate to communicate if you need further assistance.


~ Arjay
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hi i am really in a problem. PLease help

i hired a freelancer and after hiring i did know terms i accidently ended the project and gave freelancer a feedback for good communication and slected project complete i thought it was for a successful contract. after few hours the freelancer messaged me that his account go suspended.

after some diging i found out that my money is in escrow it is 154 dollars( i am attching a screen shot). as a slected reason for feed back was contract completed i dont have a option for refund .

how do i get my money back? 

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