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payment issue

Hi Upwork Support,

Last week I've made a transfer (Direct to Local Bank) from my Upwork account to my verified payment method, however, I now got a notification/email from Upwork.

" Your payment method has been disabled. Please visit the payment methods page to edit your payment methods and re-enable your schedule."

and with each time i re-enable paypal and try to withdraw money to it ..the send me (your payment method is disabled ) and this applies to all payment methods that i have kindly assist


Hi Mustafa,


I can see that you've already raised a support ticket regarding your concern. Please allow more time for the support team to get back to you and assist you further.

~ Luiggi
Community Member

no one contacted me or even worked on my case till now  !! and I do not have time  what should i do now !!

every time when trying to withdraw my money to any payment method  it tells me (Your payment could not be processed )

then it disables payment method so i try to enable it and try one more time but this issue keeps happening ..


I already issued a ticket in this regard but no one tried to contact me about it and i need to withdraw the amount quickly so i do not have time 

Hello Mustafa, 

I have reached out to the appropriate team and you will hear back from them within 24 to 48 hours. 

Thank you!

~ Muhammad


It's very disappointing that i post for an issue for 3 days and no one thought to reach me out to solve it and every moderator tries to escalate it without even reading what's inside  !!!!!!!!!!! 


and i have to search my self for days to finally know the answer my self for and it was simple and no one has the knowledge to recognize the problem to provide a solution for it .... 


so if i counted on you guys to let you find an answer for me i would have waited for months 


Terribly bad customer service and incompetent moderators you should be shameful of your selves you're  just wasting our time for nothing


Hi Mustafa,


We’ve escalated your post to a support ticket where one of our agents can assist you further. Thank you for posting in the community!

~ Grace

Thank you Grace ..  so 3 hours have passed and no one contacted me in private to tell me what's going on and how long should i wait or what should I do from my side ... the time is a great factor for me i can not wait much longer I hope you appreciate that


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