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Protecting SaaS project

Hello Upwork.  I'm looking to hire a freelancer to develop a Saas website for me.  I'm wondering how I can be the 'head admin' of the website, allowing permissions for them to code and edit the site, with a few security features:


1) At the end of the day I can grant them permissions/revoke permissions should I need to replace the freelancer with a new hire.

2) I can revert the website back to a 'save checkpoint' if needed and keep it backed up.


Is there a web hosting service/platform you guys suggest the most for this?  Thank you!

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What you are asking is not an Upwork question.


What you asked is not "prohibited" in the Forum.

But you might end up seeing this thread moved into the "Coffee Break" or "Job Skill Discussions: Programmers and Developers" section.


How much help you can get with this topic here in the Forum is questionable. To get full support for this question, you will want to post a job on the main site at https://upwork.com, and hire a few experts to talk to. You will use hourly contracts and spend between ten to sixy minutes talking to a few people abou this.


You already know that Upwork doesn't provide hosting services for SaaS, websites, or development projects. So that is good.


For this project, you will probably want to hire an independent project manager.