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Is ChatGPT killing writing jobs on Upwork?

As a top-rated plus writer, I used to receive invitations almost every day. Now, after ChatGPT became famous, it has been weeks since I received an invite. I'm wondering if it's just a coincidence or has ChatGPT already started makin its impact on Upwork. I would like to ask other writers for their comments on ChatGPT and what they are doing in this situation,


It can and it can't. I'd have to read more of it, to be sure, but what I have read lacks something. Maybe it is "the voice behind the voice." I could reference different movies all day long but part of what makes my movie references different behind them is the intent.

This isn't to say that the work coming out isn't adequate, but is it good?

And one other thought, I imagine that the words are often vetted by a human author before released for publication. So changes and tweaks are most likely made, unless you are telling me that no editing goes on.

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1. Chat gpt is not AI, it's a google bot that is nearly 5 years old at this point.  The govt allowed OpenAI to have free license after it was deemed outdated in 2018,...

2. It's good that the "bot" will help normal people develop their own work.  Because nearly 80% of the freelancers on Upwork are not real developers and are simple github thieves who try to take other people's work and then pas it off as their own.  Not to mention that none of the people I have hired have ever been able to do customized coding.  So their development skills were that of a high school student and nothing more.

3. This bot only allows for those fake developers to do more with the coding assistance so that they can continue to scam and ruin the reputation of real developers who are here.

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Yes Chat gpt is making people jobless and students with no skills receiving their degrees by using chat pgt and getting good marks

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Several months after Chat GPT rolled out, I can safely say there's a significant reduction in the number of jobs posted on Upwork. Small and medium businesses are tasking their non-writer employees to create content using the bot. Jobs like product descriptions and emails are almost completely gone. As a top-rated plus writer, the number of invites I used to receive has gone down by more than 50%. My income has also declined for the first time during the last 5 months or so. So, yes, AI will take away a lot of writing jobs. I'm still getting technical writing jobs such as those pertaining to digital marketing, SaaS, and access control, but most of the "regular" writing jobs are gone. 

The number of real jobs has been in decline since the open door policy for freelancers. ChatGPT, the decade old chat bot rolled out as "AI" will be used by some businesses, especially for low-level documents and in-house memos. The programs aren't changing my business; Upwork has been devoid of decent clients for two years. Clients are finding me outside of Upwork because of the issues with unskilled and scammer freelancers.


As you noted, the low-level jobs are in decline, but you have other skills to promote. Use your better-paying skills to find decent clients.


Also, many clients have fled the platform, not only in your field. The good freelancers get buried in a pile of garbage proposals. Clients hate receiving 50, 100, or who knows how many proposals because Upwork refuses to tell us.

This fact impacts how many jobs are listed. If clients have to pay $4.95, hopefully, a bunch of the frauds will scurry away.



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Well,honestly,chatGPT lack feelings,emotions and connections that hook readers till last lines.The article written by chatGPT needs human effort and smart work to rank it higher on google.It can not perform accurate work like humans It's man made machine,work under your control.It can not replace you.Rest assured.I had bad experience with chatGPT written articles.Beared such an irepariable loss.I no longer use chatGPT to write articles.Use your own feelings,thoughts and skills to satisfy your client.Do not rely on it.

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mujy koi kam ni mil  raha can you help me


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I am available 

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I'm having the same problem as a Japanese writer. 

I've been using Upwork since I've started working as a freelancer (probably about 2 years).


My first big client has left few months ago.

I looked at the job search to fill that spot, and found that there's not many Japanese writing as much as before ChatGPT release.


I was quite shocked to see that, but since then, I'm looking for some alternatives for my income.


I read some articles mentioning that few writers have fired because ChatGPT is much cheaper.


That was quite scared because I literally do not know what I shall do to survive as a writer anymore.


I'm glad that there're someone who I can share this feeling with.

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What is your service here?


Tural Babashov
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To be honest, ChatGPT does not have the power to keep the readers hooked until the end, because it can't express feelings, sadness, emotion, and love in its writing like a human.

It's just an effort to relax the human brain from the thinking pressure to create topics, narration, or content. It only helps the blogger or writer to identify some points to think about and write elaborately, and smartly.

Likewise, it can be called a digital machine, which is run or controlled by human input, and it does have not the self-thinking power like humans.

Indeed, ChatGPT cannot replace the blogger, article, or general writer. So, no need to worry about it, and let's continue as we are.