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Please Introduce Yourself!

Hello Everyone! 


This thread is here so you can introduce yourself to your fellow Community members!


You are encouraged to add some details on:

  • what you're looking to achieve with joining this Community​, 
  • what you'd love to learn from other ​freelancers, or 
  • what business processes you've got figured out!

Tell us a little bit about yourself below!

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Hello, Upwork community! My name is Shahzaib, and I'm thrilled to introduce myself as a versatile freelancer with a strong skill set in content writing, blog posting, and typing work.

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Welcomen 🙂

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I'm Electrical Engineer from Pakistan today Upworking website visit and not experience this site

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Hello friends,

My name is Shri Prakash Jha, a retired Banker by profession and have studied English Literature and Law in India. I have extensive experience in the field of Data Entry, writing and translation using MS Office. Being a Senior Citizen, I have little to keep me engaged. 

I started Freelancing to keep me refreshed and to generate passive income as well. Registered on Upwork and Freelancer platform in December last year to find some job but still waiting to get my first job.

Can anyone recommend me a much awaited one to showcase my reviews and testimonials.


Shri Prakash Jha 

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I am Muhammad Sohail Naqi Khan, a new community member.I am looking for work related to my posted skills, I.e. WPF MVVM , C#,  Crystal Reports, Data Modelling, Visual Basic 6


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Hello there, 


I am Adenike. I am new here and I am yet to get my first project. I hope to become active on Upwork. 


I would appreciate if those who have established themselves well here can share how they landed their first projects. Perhaps us newbies hoping for our first projects can pick one or two useful tips.


Thank you.

You are welcome on board.
Honestly speaking, you can get your first project if only you can find out
how to make the first step on bidding or proposal submission. It is not
about the length of details, but precision on how to go about certain
projects and related ones. I can be of help in my own little ways. But I am
not presently chanced to drop much detail now...

All the best!

Every month I buy 80 to 100 connects..I have done only one job.My 87
proposals have been declined.How can I get jobs? Plz help me.
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good day!  I joined this group so that i can start to network and learn from other freelance writers and start getting jobs as a medical/education freelance writer. i am a certified oncology nurse navigator with 13 years of nursing experience and 7 years in oncology.  im interested in writiting about anything cancer or health related directed at educating patients. 

Thanks for reading! 


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Hi everyone. I'm so glad to join this group because I'm really loving so much reading and writing, to learning new things, discover to world. I'm expecting to find new inspires with this group members, suppport each other and make money with our reading&writing hobbies. I wish we would find new jobs and enjoy with life together. I'm so excited and happy. I wish all Good Luck!!

I'm Nagwa Fawzy Egyptian translator and writer in Arabic, English and
French .I have great experience in teaching in these languages and it's
literature as well.

thank you for your kindness

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hi guys my name is zeynep ı love my job ım studyıng translation and  ı know most of the words ı want to ımprove myself

My name is Muhammad Ijaz, as I'm new here on the Upwork platform, I'm
fluent in English. I am working as a Resume writer, Content writer, and


Im Nagwa I translate from Arabic, English and French ##- Please type your
reply above this line -##
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I am new here at the Upwork. I have skills of Visual Basic 6, C#,Crystal Report, Sqlserver using Microsoft Visual Studio 2022.

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Hi I am a newly here. I want to find a job where I can use my knowledge. Thank you and hoping for any opportunity here.

Work on presenting yourself consistently in the same case. Proper grammar
is expected by clients. For example, you might say "I am new here" OR "I am
newly here". Or even "I am a newby here". Good luck.
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Hello up work commuinti !My  name is shahzadi fatima I am a freelancer  with strong contant crater script writer article  creat  and buitifull love stories creater .


I’m a software developer having skills covering Microsoft vb 6, vb.net, c#,
WPF, Crystal Reports, SQL Server, Data Modeling etc


hello i am lead generation expert with strong experience and 1-5 person
team members.
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my name is Abel Samuel, l am 48 years old, l am professional freelancer
translator and interpreter ENGLISH-PORTUGUESE for about 15 years, l am
bachelor in SOCIAL COMMUNICATION, l live in Portugal, l have got experience
on translating books pages, web-pages, newspapers articles, official
documents and so on...if you know anybody who´s got interest on my job,
just please, get in touch with me, l will do the work with quality and
deliver on time.
Abel Samuel


Abel Samuel
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Hiya! Just joined Upwork and looking forward to getting the hang of the platform.

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Hello Community,

I am Maureen Obioha

I am a project manager, SEO content writer, Virtual Assistant, and customer support representative.


I need answers to the following:

1. How do I improve my chances of winning jobs via Upwork?

2. Upwork is taking time to issue me a badge on Top Rated, why?

3. Boosting profiles has not given me results such as getting job invites, Why?


Kindly give answers to this.

Thank you.

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I believe I wouldn't be that late doing that today,I actually joined Upwork last month or so,I am a medical professional with proclivities fir research writing, consultations and a certified virtual Assistant .I am hoping to get more clients and more fulfillment as I transition full time into freelance.Kindly bring referrals my way,I am available.


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Hello everyone!

I'm new to Upwork and I'm still discovering how the platform works. A very nice surprise was to find this Community with awesome and kind people. I've seen some great posts so far, and I will try to contribute my best as well.

So, about me: I'm Colombian, native Spanish speaker and fluent in English. I can communicate a little in French and Portuguese but I'm far from fluent. I also studied Korean for a while, but I can't communicate much in that language.

I love learning languages, and I'm also a certified Spanish teacher, so I can share that love to others who want to learn!


I've been working in translation for a while, but only a few freelance jobs. My translation projects were part of my old full-time job description, where I also wrote editorial content and copywriting, in English and Spanish. So I'm looking forward to learn a lot from this community of freelancers, and of course, if I can be helpful for you in any way, I will be more than happy to offer my two cents.

Nice to meet you.

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Hello everyone I'm new here but ready to learn am an avid self taught book reviewer with a passion in writing and transcription. I've joined this community so as to connect with other reviewers (writers) and learn new skills.


Congrats for joining this community.

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Hello I'm a Korean/ English translator vise versa from Korea looking for how other translator improve there skills on being professionals!


I've only done work domestically, so it's my beginning of getting jobs abroad online, I need all the help I can get! 

I'm open to all advices. Thank you 🙂


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Hello there, 


I am Willianson. I am new here and I am yet to get my first project. I hope to become active on Upwork. 


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Hello there, 


I am Haftom. I am new here and I am yet to get my first project. I hope to become active on Upwork. 


I would appreciate if those who have established themselves well here can share how they landed their first projects. Perhaps us newbies hoping for our first projects can pick one or two useful tips.


Thank you.

hi there
l am Samuel, l am not new to this platform, l have been absent for some
time, l am back right now and more active, because l expect to get my first
project, that's why now more consistent, as a matter of fact, l have
already been receiving some proposals and interviews

Abel Samuel
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Hi I'm mbali here I have joined Upwork longtime but trying to catch up steps of how to make money here.