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Matching invoices to credit card payments

I've recently increased the number of freelances I hire on Upwork, and I am really struggling to make sense of the invoices now they are coming in in bulk and involving different jobs, contracts and freelances.


What I need is a single invoice that matches the credit card payments - i.e. one that tells me which costs (per payment ID) have been added up to reach the total that I have been charged for. 


Another person on this community spot asked the same question and was told to put it all on a spreadsheet. I've done that, but all that will help me do is link the fee, bonus and transaction fee for each separate contract together. It's a start, but it doesn't help me link the invoices to the debits on my credit card statement. I'm also being billed in dollars but charged in UK pounds.


Why is it not possible for UpWork to raise an invoice per contract?


  1. Contract number
  2. Freelance name
  3. Opening escrow amount (opening balance)
  4. Amount or hours invoiced by freelancer
  5. Upwork Processing Fee
  6. Total balance remaining from Escrow deposit
  7. Amount due (or to be refunded) in US $
  8. Amount charged or repaid to hirer's credit card in US $ (and local currency if appropriate)

One one statement or invoice?

Thank you.


Hi Rohan,


Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your feedback. I will share it with our team. 


Please know that invoices include your company name, company owner's name, and company contact address. If you have a VAT number, that will be included, too. Your freelancer's verified name will always be included. Some freelancers also provide an invoicing address (this is optional).


You can find more information in this help article


~ Nikola
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I read all that and with a spreadsheet worked it out to the standard expected - we are a charity - but what I and I suspect others need is a) an option for a statement of invoicable items linked to a specific contract and b) a statement of items linked to a specific credit card charge.

Not difficult, surely?

Thanks for your time, interest and quick reply.

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I can't believe no one has piled onto this request. What a dumpster fire my upwork transaction list is.

I open my bookkeeping software and see a charge for $149, $210, $210, and $220.50. All I want to know is which charge goes to which client. In this REAL example, I only have 2 clients and they both pay the same amount monthly! So one would think they would see 4 equal charges and this shouldn't be an issue. But nevermind that bc life isn't that smooth.

I see the date of the first charge so I go to upwork to figure it out and I have 5 transactions on that day. Separate lines for the marketplace fee, the initiation fee, some of the hours, more of the hours, give me a break! Both clients are using the same freelancer so the job titles are the same. There are REF numbers next to each line which are links to more unidentifiable info with another link to an invoice, which also has nothing on it except the same charge as the original line item at step 1.

I think a lot of the problem is that job titles are public so no one wants to name their job title anything sensitive/identifying. But that's the title Upwork uses for all the invoicing.  

I think the solution is this - we don't care about every line item that Upwork has to track. The most relevant info is how much WE pay out per month and per client. It's like they're showing us Upworks internal accounting. I just want to click on my freelancer and see what I was billed that month. If I was billed twice, show me both charges. If I really care what each charge consisted of, THEN make me click through to find an itemized invoice which shows all the detailed taxes. But otherwise, make it easy for me.

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