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2nd #UpworkHuddle - Rawalpindi, Pakistan 09-Dec-2018

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HAmid JAmil A Member Since: Mar 13, 2016
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I have organized 2nd #UpworkHuddle - Rawalpindi, Pakistan 2018, successfully and It was great to meet and had fun. Smiley Happy We enjoyed our time and we share, journey, ideas, experience, problems, technologies, knowledge's with a cup of hot tea.


UpworkHuddle-Rawalpind-Pak.jpgMoment of today event #UpworkHuddle #UpworkHuddleRawalpindi

Thanks upwork for giving me the opportunity & Thank you all upwork top rated freelancers from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Hope to host and meet with you again. Heart
Jack of all trades, master of some
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Md E Member Since: Apr 26, 2018
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#UpworkHuddle is always a great event for sharing ideas, experience, problems, technologies and  knowledge. #happy_freelancing.

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Alexander B Member Since: Mar 30, 2017
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Lol, if you keep posting these pictures without any women, us westerners might start thinking your culture isn't so friendly towards the fairer sex. 


Anyway, cool stuff! 

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Md E Member Since: Apr 26, 2018
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You have to understand it's Pakistan. There are so many restriction.
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Ahmad M Member Since: Feb 24, 2019
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Our women dont like to hangout with Technical guys. We are dry as compared to business students; they are the ones with all the "Party" stuff. Smiley Very Happy