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The key to client delight!

There have been a billion odd articles that various professionals have penned on the topic of client delight. I have not read a single one yet but I can safely say that my clients are my references. I had stumbled into this soft skill if it can be described as such by just following the few steps in making that all important client contract get renewed when it's time is due.


  1. Ensure to keep a good ear and memory of not only what your client is saying but also what she is not!
  2. Make sure you maintain a professional and friendly  relationship and dispossition with key business heads from your client's organisation.
  3. Be in constant touch with the billing department and the ones who sign your cheques, do not do it just when you need to chase after your invoice payment is due.
  4. Ponder what next can you do for your client that will add quality value and rich growth in helping her business and job, this will lead to greater appreciation for atleast trying to be proactive and passionate about your client and her business. 
  5. Forecast. It does not harm to predict what can you see the next step or steps in the strategy for your client for their dedicated and important departments going forward. If you can recommend a few relevant and key steps for a particular time frame this will go a long way to show your dedication and passion for your client businesses.

I strongly feel if these few steps can be followed in the right earnest you will get the right kind of accolades from your organisation as well as your client. This has worked for a MNC bank and for a premier hypermarket store for which I was part of the client servicing team. You may try to follow these simple steps and see the difference in attitude and behaviour from your clients thus leading to a absolute win-win equation.