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Plummeting rates, more connects required

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Scott J Member Since: Aug 7, 2019
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Aloha all -

Have any of you fellow art types noticed a distnct and marked drop in rates for certain art/design services? Not only fewer jobs being posted, but I've watched something like branding and logo design rates drop from hundreds of dollars to five bucks. Are you kidding me?  Is this Fiverr, now? I also notice that not only is Upwork chraging per connect, most of the jobs posted now require triple the amount of connects to submit a proposal. Anybody know what's going on here?

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Will L Member Since: Jul 9, 2015
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Upwork is implementing new ways to generate revenue in the hope it can eventually report earnings to shareholders.

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Aaron S Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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In short yes.  Since the oDesk days I have been able to find plenty of Linux engineering jobs. 


That has changed for the worse, and dramatically so, since the latest change to how connects are done.


I was coming on the forums to see if Upwork is closing or being sold/renamed again.

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Kelly B Member Since: Jan 1, 2016
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I feel like branding and logo design has always been underfunded here (and everywhere). There is just too much competition.