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Alternatives to support tickets

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re: "As I'm sure many of you are aware of how terrible Upwork's support is"


I don't think that is a factually accurate statement.


It is more accurate to say that Upwork's support is different than customer support that you have expereinced with other companies. Likewise, their support is different from Upwork's. But different doesn't mean "terrible."


You can obtain prompt, high-quality, informed assistance here in the Community Forum.


In addition, there are 7 other support channels available. But I recommend the Community Forum as the most effective way to get the help of information that you need.


Certainly SOME of those Forums are "available" but not UNIVERSALLY available. For example, Upwork's support operation is NOT email-centric, nor is it phone-centric. So if a person is accustomed to using phone or email as a method for obtaining Support when they are interacting with other companies, they may indeed feel frustrated if they try doing something similar with Upwork.

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