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Degree/Academic Qualification Verification

Hi Upwork community, 


Does Upwork have any plans to verify academic degrees (or other academic qualifications) in a similar way to how the identity verification system works (blue tick)? I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that implementing such a system would be a welcome addition for Upwork freelancers with academic qualifications.


I'm aware that this would require significant effort to carry out, but I'm wondering if anyone knows roughly how much effort this would require (say, for example, in the UK or the US). I think this would be an interesting discussion to have and one that I have not - albeit in my limited time on the Upwork forums - seen on the forums yet.


Thanks for any replies in advance,



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi James,


Thanks for sharing your suggestion with us. I'll share it with the rest of the team for consideration.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Thank you Aleksanc.

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