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Email replies not entering clients message box

Hello, I need assistance.


I've been replying to Upwork messages via email instead of the site.


However, my recent responses seem to be missing in the message windows. I haven't received any failed email notifications, so I'm unsure where they're going. Can someone please check?


Is this common? 


Thank you in advance.


Hi Samuel,


Thank you for reaching out and reporting this. Your responses through email should also reflect on your Messages page upon accessing it, so this should not be the case. However, I checked and could see your most recent replies on the Message page. 


Consider using a different browser or using the incognito mode of the current one. You may also clear your cache and cookies. Please let the team know if the issue persists by updating the ticket you've raised here, and they will surely assist you accordingly.


~ Arjay
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