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I'm new on UPWORK

Hi! I'm new, I've created my profile a long time ago, but started to work only last month.


I have 2 questions:

1) I've received a small amount last month but it looks like I am not able to withdraw it and there isn't any more


2) on my settings section, my bank account (my payment method) is "inactive".


I would like to know how can I receive my next earnings?


Looking forward to receiving some help.


Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Linda,


1. At the moment you have a very small amount available on your account. Please keep in mind that when you`re withdrawing your earnings a fee is also paid (depending on the method you`re using). To view your earnings in details, go to Reports > Transaction History, and adjust your dates.


2. I checked your payment method and I can see that your Direct to Local bank method is active. Are you referring to another method or seeing anything else on your end? Thank you.

~ Goran


Thank you for coming back to me so fast. Your message is really helpful, so
If I've understood correctly:

1) the monthly subscription is deducted from this amount - I didn't check
it, so it's cool like this. Thanks

2) Now it's cool, before I wrote the first message there was an additional
text "Inactive" under the payment account in Settings > Get Paid. Now it
looks ok:

Thank you very much,


[image: image.png]
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