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Is there a Slack or Discord community for Upwork users?

Hey all,


I'm curious whether there's a Slack or Discord community for Upwork users.


Freelancing (especially when you're alone) can be rather isolating, and it'd be nice to chat with fellow freelancers in a real-time text format.


I'm aware of some other formats, such as the Upwork subreddit **Edited for Community Guidelines**, but does a real-time chat channel exist? Or is this forum the primary place for discussion?



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I've seen like maybe a  half dozen discord servers come and go mainly because nobody of value flocks there, only the "plz give me job sir" types and "outsource to me, sir" types.


Varun had one, although I'm not sure how active it is. I'm not subbed cuz my discord account is purely for degeneracy and I'd probably get kicked anyway because freelancers are annoying and it's too much fun to mock them :D. He posted the link to reddit many times, so do a search on his name on the upwork sub and you should find it.

Thanks Jennifer! 🙂


It seems this is the Discord link: https://discord.gg/9S2tMHS


Also agreed – I'm sure Discord community management is its own can of worms. 😧 It'd be nice to replicate the feeling of being at a WeWork though, where you are alone, but among other freelancers / small biz people.

Hey Jason. It seems that the link is not working anymore. Has the community been disbanded? If there are any other communities, please share.

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Jason, if you're feeling isolated, I suggest you click that Coffee Break section and make a personal contact with those active there. 😉

You can easily take it from there...

But the real question is, since your doing this "freelance thing," why are you worried about isolation?

I'm also completely "isolated" on a coconut island and would not have it any other way. 😉:desert_island:😀

Will check out the coffee break section, thanks! 🙂


I don't mind isolation as an introvert, but since I'm starting out it'd be nice to share tips and experiences with others.

Totally agree with that. Finally you found discord group or others?

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I'm also looking for it too. Having a discord server for freelancers is really important. Currently I'm looking for fellow freelancers like myself for a mass job and it's been so difficult cause to find real freelancers and not scammers 

Same here, I'm also looking for it. I started Upwork one year ago and landed my first project in the first month. But then I was busy with my studies. Now I'm back and want to connect with seniors/community to get help.

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