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My hourly contract is suspended

Hello! I've worked for a client, he sent me an hourly contract, i've worked for 10 hours. But right now, the client's account is showing as suspended and contract is on hold. Is my 10 hours working payment is going to come to my upwork account? Please help me on this

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Hi Musa,

    The client is most likely under investigation by Upwork for a breach of ToS or something. I would say that you got scammed and won't be paid for your 10 hours work.


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Hi Musa,
Don't worry about payments because upwork give you your 10 hrs earning as well after clearness

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I faced exactly the same problem. There are a lot of scammers on upwork lately, and I would advise you to filter your customers more carefully. But even when I found a worthy customer and completed the work for him, and even received the money, I still can’t withdraw this money.

I don’t know what to do, if my problem is not solved, I will probably have to contact my new client and look for another platform for work in the future


Hi Musa,


I'm sorry to hear about your contract being suspended. While there is no means of knowing ahead of time whether or not a client's payment will be successful or if they will get suspended for whatever reason, ultimately that should not be a concern for you as a freelancer as long as you are protecting yourself. By reviewing the Hourly Protection for Freelancers guidelines, you can ensure that you are paid appropriately even when a client's payment fails. Time logged appropriately via the Work Diary will qualify for payment protection from Upwork. 

~ AJ

Hello Annie, can you please let me know when i get my payment? Like the wednesday? is it going to work in normally, or i'll wait ? Can you please let me know

Did you properly use the Time Tracker and the Work Diary or you added manual hours?

Yeah! I used the time tracker, and right now on the contract, is showing my earning as 250 $

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