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Project Catalog

Hi Upwork team, 

I submitted the project on 6 march and second on 26 March but they are still in pending for approval. Please check their status and guide me. I'll be thankful for your kind cooperations.


Hi Ak,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Allow me to explain how  Project Catalog works. Firstly, we review all project listings, including consultations, before publishing them on Project Catalog to help ensure a quality platform that helps you attract quality clients, and we promote Project Catalog on client pages.


Once your project listing is published, the project will display on your Upwork profile. You can also share the project’s URL in your profile’s description and on your social media accounts for even more visibility. Your project’s overview consists of its title, category, project attributes, and search tags. The information you include here is your first impression to prospective clients, so you’ll want it to shine. Feel free to check this help article for more details. Please allow up to five business days for your project to be reviewed.




We are currently receiving more projects for review than usual. Please allow us longer than usual to review your project.


~ Arjay

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Is he project catalog frutful?

You can fill it, if you want to show your profile full. Also,, it is difficult to get jobs with catalog

Tural Babashov
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Hi, support,

My project images are HQR but appear blurred & fuzzy on my smartphone reverse the browser. Most users use smartphones to look for adequate sellers to realize their requests, which is why this issue will negatively affect my project.

Please have a look at the attached images and see the difference between my project image seen on my smartphone & the same one on my desktop.

Best ragards,

Younes Y.

No one can help?


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A client has placed an order vide contract ID #34567699 but not provided the requirement. I have reminded him twice but no response. As per the Upwork policies, the client was supposed to provide requirements, otherwise, the contract will be automatically cancelled. At present hours are left but nil response from the client. Will automatic cancellation of the contract due to the non provision of editing material by the client, affect my Job Success score? Kindly assist.

Hi Naveed,


I apologize for the delayed response. No, if a contract is canceled due to a client not sending you the requirements for a project, it shouldn't affect your JSS.

~ Luiggi
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Hello Mr.Muhammad

Thanks for your post, what was the project actually about ? Is this project still available?


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I uploaded my gig on Upwork two days ago. How much time does Upwork typically take to approve my gig?

Hi Salik,


If you are referring to the Project Catalog, the approval process can take up to a week. Please be assured that we will notify you when we have finished reviewing.


- Pradeep

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I am finished with my newest Project Catalog item and am ready to submit it for review. Before submitting, I get a warning or reminder that states the project must not contain "References to projects on other websites or platforms." On the graphics for my project is an image from a sample project I created that I also discuss on my website, and the image also appears on my website. Is this a violation of a rule? If so, what is the rule? Please note that there is nothing in the image that I did not personally create; it belongs solely to me. However, before submitting my project for approval, I want to understand this.

Jennifer Neighbors
Microsoft Access Designer and Developer
My profile

Hi Jennifer,


Thank you for reaching out and raising this query. When selecting images to include, choose professional images that speak to the work offered. This does not need to reflect portfolio images or actual work samples. For example, you can use photos from sites as long as you only use photos you have the right to use. You may check this help article for more details.


~ Arjay
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I am propetional content writer can you help mi 

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Hi Upwork team, 

I submitted the project on 23 August but they are still in pending for approval. Please check their status and guide me. I'll be thankful for your kind cooperations

Hi Maaz,


Thank you for reaching out to us. The approval process can take up to a week. Please be assured that we will notify you when we have finished reviewing.

~ AJ
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I am Nabil a web developer and WordPress expert. I am a new seller in upwork. Recently I was create my upwork account and upload 1 project. But I don't know how to get order using upwork project or How to work upwork project. I don't know about upwork project.

So If anyone can sade more information abour Upwork Project then I would benefit greatly.

Thank you

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You created a project without knowing how it works?!






You just have to wait for a client to purchase it. And there is no such thing as getting orders easily in Upwork. This platform has one foot in the grave.

Hi Md Nahidul Islam,


Project Catalog is where you let clients come to you. When you create a project, it displays as a listing that clients can open to learn more. Clients find you by searching for the skills and services you offer. Feel free to check this help article to learn more, connect, and grow on Project Catalog.


~ Arjay
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How can a Proofreader /Editor engage or contribute in the project Catalog? 

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You can provide proofreading/editing services in a project catalog. The project catalog allows you to setup a pre-packaged proofreading/editing service that clients can buy without you sending a proposal. Due to higher than usual requests for project catalogs, reviews and approvals are taking a minimum of 10 business days. Read Get Started With Project Catalog for more information.


Before doing that, you need to complete the other important sections in your profile. Your overview/summary needs more information about your experience, the services you provide, how you meet a client's proofreading/editing needs, and why you are the best freelancer they could choose.


Next, add more skill categories to your skills list; this will help match you with proofreading/editing jobs. After that, add portfolio to provide a few samples of your proofreading expertise.


Once you make these updates, clients will have a better understanding of your services and how it might benefit them.

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Please help me.

Hi Muhammad,


I checked your account and I do not see a client account on this profile. You will need to create a client account before you purchase a project.


- Pradeep

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Hello Forum,

Do anybody here now what happen with profile rating if one of my project in upwork is bought 5 times in a year?

Thanks for your answer!!!

Hi Xhuljo,


Thank you for reaching out to us here in the Community. Receiving several purchases on a project is indeed amazing and it will not affect your profile negatively. However, completing projects successfully with good feedback from clients improves your results in Search.


Additionally, you can help promote your project by staying visible on Project Catalog (keeping your project turned on) and sharing links to your project on social media or on your own website or blog. Shared projects get 2x more views and 3x more purchases. Best of luck!


~ Arjay
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Dear Upwork team,

I am a new freelancer on Upwork. However, I note my project catalogs have been always under review for such a long time. I am not sure what happen so I try to optimize it in order to make it perfect, but the new countdown time will occur. Thus, I can do nothing now, just waiting. I am aware it takes some time, but can you please speed up the process?

Perhaps for some cases you need a robot review instead of manual review.

I hope you are all doing well and thanks for your attention.

Hi Mendel,


Thank you for your message. I checked your account and I see that the projects were submitted today. Please allow up to five business days for your project to be reviewed.


 - Pradeep



Thank you Pradeep, thanks for your quick response. My projects were passed finally. Cheer!

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Hello I am Asif Ali. i submit my projects some days ago but they are still in pending approvals. please upwork team review it and approve my projects so it will be really helpful for me. i hope here i will get the best support 




Hi Asif,


When you create a project, we will review it before making it visible to clients. Our review includes ensuring your project is complete, looks professional, and doesn’t violate our Terms of Service. Note: Please allow up to five business days for your projects to be reviewed. You can learn more in this article.

~ Luiggi
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Hi, I've been booked for a 30 minute consultation, but both the client and I decided to change time and date. When I try to reschedule the meeting in the Overview section of the Project page, I can't seem to select other time or date. I'm currently using Firefox navigator (it's updated), but I have tried from the mobile app and from Opera navigator too, with the same bad results. Can you help me?
Or, can I still use the same link for the meeting, on the agreed date with the client through the workstream?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Tamara,


Please remember that your client will only be able to schedule according to your minimum booking notice time, and it will apply to you if you need to reschedule. For example, if your minimum booking notice is 3 days, you'll only see times before that 3-day window. The lowest minimum booking notice you can choose is one hour.


You’ll only be able to choose times that fall after your minimum booking notice. Once you and your client have agreed, you can reschedule by following these steps:


  1. From your home page, go to My Jobs > My Jobs and select your contract. This will open your project’s contract workroom.
  2. In the Overview tab, find the Project Timeline > Consultation section and select the Reschedule button
  3. You’ll see a message reminding you to talk to your client. If you’ve already done so, choose Continue
  4. A Schedule your consultation box will appear, and you can select your new consultation date and time
  5. Select the Confirm button to save your selections


Also, it's important to know that If you already have activities on your linked calendar, those times won’t be available for meetings. The system automatically makes those times unavailable, even if you mark them available on Upwork. Feel free to check this help article for more details.


~ Arjay

Hi Arjay,

Many thanks for your detailed answer.

I've checked the available resources and information about the steps to reschedule, before I create the post here, because I couldn't see any options avaible nor select any other date.

However, after checking the availability settings in the original consultation I created, I noticed that the problem were the opening hours. After updating those, I was able to reschedule the meeting.

Thank you!

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Hello, am hawa Ali. Am new here 

This is Fahad , who is this Sir ?
Community Member



Im fairly old to upwork, and often talk to clients.

But this time i decided to go ahead and put a project. Seems like its still under review (More than 3 days)

Im not able to find the right place to submit a ticket regarding this, so creating a forum post.


Will be helpful if someone from upwork team can get back to me, and tell me if there is something wrong with my Project details.




Hello Rohan,

I hope you are in good health,
Projects can take up to 5 or even more days to get approved. 

Is there a way to speed it up? Are there real humans working?

Don't rush. My projects was aproved within 2 monts. Just keep eye at emails, you will be updated with changes.

Can't wait 2 months lol and not be paid

Hi Rohan,


Thank you for reaching out and we totally understand how you want your projects to be approved sooner. However, as Mohammad mentioned, it may take up to five business days for your project to be reviewed.

Rest assured that all project submissions will be addressed on a first-in, first-out basis. Should we need more information about your submission, our team will send you an email with details on how you can edit the project for approval. Feel free to check out this page to learn more about Project Catalog.


~ Arjay
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Hello there,

A payment of $104.7 made from my Upwork account to my local Bank early hours of this morning. I never initiated that payment. I want the money back to my Upwork account.

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