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Scams - getting worse!

Its crazy! Today, just about every job listed under 'recent jobs' was a scam, with Whatsapp and Telegram addresses, offering big bucks for easy work. Honestly, there were only 1 or 2 genuine job offers from about 20 jobs listed. Why is Upwork allowing this? I am sure if I can spot it, so can the people who run this site. How many freelancers are you prepared to lose before you do something about this situation?

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Yeah, the main page is just spam after spam. Same fake job over an over. They're so obvious too.  The number of real jobs I've seen this weekend are VERY FEW.

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Yes, they are out of control and more and more freelancers are getting scammed because of it. That, and them not following the ToS, which many are unaware of. Also, many people seem to think that Payment Verified or Upwork Plus, or Interesting Job, or Featured job means that Upwork has verified that the post and the client are legitimate when that is not the case. And when they see a Whatsapp or Telegram address in the post, they think it must be legitimate or Upwork would not have let it be posted.


Hi Henry,


Thank you for your message. I have flagged your report to the relevant team to review and take appropriate action on the jobs. 


Please check out this post for more tips on how to avoid questionable jobs and please use the flag option found on each job post or message anytime you’d like to report a violation.


Thank you



Pradeep, you do realize this is not about avoiding the odd suspicios job offer like the old days. A blog post or using flag options is not going to help. The entire platform is under attack. There are now vastly more spam posts than real jobs in peoples feeds. What is Upwork doing about this? I have noticed no improvement during the last month. What exacly is this "team" you mods keep talking about, do they ever talk to us, the users? 

In the old days, there were not so many. We do not know whether or not that is because Upwork changed their filtering process.

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