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Timezone (CET) doesn't work properly

Hi all!

I apologize if this was reported already, but since the US switched to summer time, the timezone for Europe is messed up. First it was off for 1 hour, now it is off for 2 hours.

Right now it is 16:35 CET. I am trying to log my hours until now, and I am unable to.


Yes, I know I can just calculate this in UTC, but this is kind of ridiculous. Does Upwork plan on fixing this?



Hi Alenka,


I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Time zones are confusing enough on their own! 

Could you please try clearing your cache and cookies or logging in with a different browser to see if the issue persists?



Hi Bojan, I think this or similar issue is back.

As you can see in my screenshot, it is currently almost 4pm. This is CEST timezone.

I cannot log anything beyond 13:50.

It's been wrong since US switched to summer time a few weeks back. 

Does Upwork plan on fixing this ever?


Thank you for your response, but it doesn't help. I tried Chrome, Firefox and incognito. I am still able to log just unitl 2:20 (it is currently 4:28 in my timezone)

Hi Alenka, thanks for following up! Could you please also double-check the date and time settings on your computer and make sure they are configured correctly and are auto-updated?



Yes, they are. You can see that in my screenshot - I am in Central European Timezone.

Hi Alenka,


I've escalated your concern to the team. One of our agents will reach out and assist you directly via a support ticket.

~ Joanne
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