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Top Rated Plus badge acquisition: Question about large contracts


I have googled it and seen a thread about it on the community, but there is still some confusion. I'm a comedy writer so a large contract is $5000 for me. 

I've read about "$5000 with one client", which implies it can be several contracts with one client as long as you reach $5000. Can it be several contracts (hourly and fixed) put together, or does it have to be ONE contract? 

I assume it is one, since that's what Upwork seems to indicate, but I just want to make sure. 

Thank you!



Hi Mathieu,


That's right! You'll need a single contract where you've earned over $5,000, in the past 12 months without negative outcomes. You can find the full requirements to earn the Top Rated Plus badge here.


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Hi! Last week, I was checking on my stats and found out that I already have a large contract. It got a check mark already. I already earned more than 5k plus on writing. So, I was only waiting for my earnings to reach 10k. Tonight, I checked on my stats again and got the earnings 10k check. However, the large contract was X again. May I please get some support and advise on this? Thank you!

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Thank you very much 🙂

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