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Yes VA's recruiter keeps on pushing me and doesn't like to be asked for clarifications or updates


I am fairly new to Upwork but not in freelancing. I tried to send a proposal to yes Va's/ friendly phone pals and was able to receive a message saying that I was shortlisted and tried to fill out the form, watch the youtube video then agree If what was explained was satisfactory to me before you submit. I watched the video, agreed to the conditions, and submitted the form immediately for it is stated there that this is like a first to submit first to be served basis, or something like that. The deadline is before 12am on March 9, 2021, and I submitted the form on March 7, 2021. It is also stated there that should I agree to the terms then the contract will be sent within 2 weeks. March 9 came and I tried to send her a message for an update/clarification asking her If I can consider myself hired and just waiting for a contract? as stated in the form or is there some kind of assessment/interview? She did reply and told me 


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I got a bit confused because I thought that if I agreed to the conditions in the video then the contract will be sent within 2 weeks' time. I understand that shortlist doesn't mean hired but what's confusing is that why are they going to send a contract within 2 weeks if you agreed. Anyways, here is my reply


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she replied back saying.


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Then I said:

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So, I waited and sent them an email yesterday(March 18) for it will be 2 weeks this Sunday asking for an update in regards to the document I am waiting for. She replied saying:


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To be honest I was frustrated and feels like I am being pushed without knowing why. So I tried to ask her additional info but she just keeps on dodging my questions. Finally, she decided to just shut the door for me without really clarifying things and accused me of pressuring them to hire me which is DEFINITELY NOT THE CASE FOR ALL I AM ASKING FOR IS AN UPDATE WHICH THEY NEVER GIVE UNLESS I REACHED OUT TO THEM FIRST. Also, No Interview happened. Thank you so much, It is just that I wanted to release my Frustration to you Guys.


THIS IS THE INITIAL MESSAGE **Edited for Community Guidelines** SENT:


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Randel **Edited for Community Guidelines**


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Randel, why are you wasting your time with this?


You aren't making money. There is no contract. There is no job. That is not how real clients use Upwork.

You are correct sir, It is just that I was excited when I got shortlisted and the contract will be sent since I agreed to the conditions, but when I tried to follow up. I feel like I was being pushed without even knowing the reason why. But thank you so much for your reply sir

Randel, as you gain experience, you will be able to quickly identify scammers and time-wasters, and you will be able to avoid wasting your time with them.


If a client wants my help, he needs to hire me. He needs to click the Hire button on his side and create an official contract and begin paying me.


Are there steps to go through in order to work on his project?

That is fine.

He needs to pay me for my time spent going through those steps.

Thank you so much, you have a very good point

As Preston says, move on. Everything in your first post raised every red flag in the book. I think there is no doubt that your 'client' is a scammer. You really should read all the help pages on the site so that you know when to flag a dodgy client and how to avoid this sort of disappointment. I suggest you start here: 


Read everything especially "Tips to avoid questionable jobs". 

Yes im fine now and thank you all for your responses, and i will definitely
going to learn more

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