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tracking proposals?

Is there a way to track proposals issued?  I would like to keep track of how many I send out.

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Yes.  From a computer or laptop, when logged into your Upwork account, just go to the top menu 'Find Work', then select 'Proposals'.  It will show you everything you've ever submitted, what's been withdrawn, archived, etc.


If using the Android UW phone app, there's a 'Proposals' button at the bottom of the screen.  I assume something similar exists on iPhone

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Also, after you have a few months on Upwork and want to get depressed, you can go to the stats to see the proposals/interviews/hires ratio.  

On the computer, log in to Upwork and hover the Find Work menu and click on My Stats and then on the Analytics section, select Proposals from the drop-down list. Have some tissues at hand. 😫

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