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want to end a contract as a freelancer


My client kind of went MIA and our cotract is still running, he is not responding to my messeges even. So even if I take his permission to end the contract, he won't answer me for sure and that way it will be pending. So I would like to know how can I end the contract by myself without notifying the cient?

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Just end the contract yourself.

Dont send any more messages to the client.

If he needs you, he knows how to find you.


He is not going to leave feedback if he's permanently gone. He has probably forgotten about you. So there will be no impact on JSS.

The thing is, I'm new to Upwork so I don't know the process of how to end the contract. Please provide me the procedure. I have looked it up online and it says that 'go to "my jobs" , select "contract" , click the "dashes " beside the contract I want to end and click "end contract"' I followed it but there is no 'end contract' there.

Hi Tajriana,


You can follow our instructions in this Guide on how you can close your contract. Thank you.

~ Goran

It is easy to end a contract.


Do this:

Upwork -> My Jobs -> My Jobs -> [click on contract name]


Click on "Three Dots" icon.


Click on "End contract" option.


Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 7.28.52 AM.png



If you don't see "End contract," that's okay. Look for "Cancel contract" or "Close contract" or something like that.

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Hi Tajriana, I feel sorry that you are experiencing such difficulty on Upwork as a starter. 


I mainly experienced this when I began my freelancing career on Upwork.


You don't necessarily have to act on your compulsion because there are always two sides to every story. There could be many reasons why your client isn't responding. But before I list some of them, can you tell me how long you've messaged the client without any response?


Here are a few reasons why that excellent client you have been working with may not get back to you as promptly as you wish.


  1. They are currently affected by natural disasters or civil insurgencies. Not long ago, I worked with a client who was away for a long because he served in Afghanistan as a humanitarian officer under some international bodies aiding devastated Afghan refugees. Sometimes, I would message him with no response for three days, especially when I needed to round off that particular contract and move on. You know, people like me would want to finish up things fast and get going. But I had to be patient with this guy until he was out of Afghan and could then respond to my messages. Most clients face the same scenario, and the freelancers should find out and have patience.
  2. Communication issues. When a client you have been working on some cool projects suddenly seems to be irresponsive, the person might be facing problems with communication. Maybe the lines are down due to natural disasters or some issues with the power supply. 
  3. Poor health/sickness. Yeah! No one is immune to illness. Your client, too, can get sick and go down for some time
  4. Restrictions by Upwork. I haven't faced such a situation as a freelancer/client, but I am certain it exists. When you get restricted by Upwork because of some issues with TOS, it's possible that you won't use the Chat feature. When your client is locked out, they may not have access to you because of the restrictions

There are numerous reasons your client has not responded to your messages so far. 


Just give the client some time to come back or reach out to the Upwork team to put a call across to the person if they can. Giving your client some time to come back doesn't hurt. 


I hope my pieces of advice are helpful.


 "...or reach out to the Upwork team to put a call across to the person if they can."


Please never do that.


It is not Upwork's intention that they serve as a go-between to pester a client if a client who hired you to do some work at one time is not currently assigning new work to you.

Insightful advice, Christian C.Smiley Happy

And, Tajriana, I have experienced similar circumstances to what Christian C describes.

A very comfortable working situation I had this summer past became frustrating for the same reason. They were a small IT company and later I found out that they had landed a great contract that all hands on deck all hours had to work on. So, not hearing from them but being patient paid off. I completely understood because my eldest is a senior executive programmer and this kind of situation can happen. He becomes so sleep deprived that he loses his ability to think straight.

BE patient. Robot Happy

If your client owes you money for work finished, be sure to submit the work. In fourteen days, the escrow will pay out to your account.

I hope that helps.

Janet S

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