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Issue with contracts on Work History

Some users may experience issues with contracts not being displayed in the Work History section of the Profile. 


We apologize for the interruption. The technical team is aware of the issue and working on fixing this as soon as possible.
We will update this thread as soon as we have more information.
Edited to update information. 11/16/2023
We would like to let you know that this issue is resolved. 
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So if you see on my profile I have a total of 3 jobs, 1 says its completed and 1 is ongoing but only 1 job is visible. I wonder why? It wasn't like this the other day and then it just disappeared. Is this a common thing that happens here on Upwork? 
I'm only worried because it kind of decreases my credibility to find other jobs. 


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The recent upgrade of the Profile Page made by Upwork has removed all my 'All work profile' job history from 2015 and 2016. Only the jobs from 2014 and current year are showing. Where are all the big jobs I did in 2015 and 2016.  I have 60 jobs, but the job history shows as 3 completed and 7 in progress. Where are the 50 other jobs that I’ve completed in 2015 and 2016 gone? Please fix  this issue and have my profile reflect my job history in full.

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Again, the problem occured on my profile. Have 2 jobs in progress since 1 week, with milestone paid since 1 week. At jobs in progress it is not showing nothing. Can you open another ticket for me please? 

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Have 2 jobs in progress with paid milestone since 1 week. Had the jobs on my profile, but they dissapeared since yesterday. Had same problem in past. Tried to open a ticket but cannot find where. 


See attached. Can an admin assist me and check why my jobs are not showing again on my profile? 




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Issue #1:

I have two contracts in progress right now, both of which I've been paid for (I read somewhere that money has to be exchanged for them to be considered in progress). They were both showing up on my profile the other day, but one has now just disappeared. 


Issue #2: 


There appears to be absolutely nowhere for me to get support:

--I do not have a chatbot anywhere on my profile or on any of the 'Help & Support' pages I visit. 
--On my tickets page, there is a 'Contact' item in the dropdown menu, but nothing happens when I click it—the 'Create a Ticket' option is missing from my tickets page.
--There are no other options anywhere for me to connect with support and request help with the issue I'm having with my profile. 

Clearly, I'm missing something, so my question is this: How do busy freelancers submit a ticket quickly and efficiently?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi All,


Thank you for reaching out to us and bringing this to our attention. I shared your reports with our team so that we can look into this further. We will update the thread as soon as we have more information. 


We appreciate your patience. 

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I had a review appearing on my profile but now it disappeared, when I check the client's conversation, the review appears
any solution to get back to my profile

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I've encountered an issue: the feedback that my client submitted yesterday has yet to appear on my profile. Does anybody know the reason?


Thank you for your assistance!


Best regards,

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I've received an email from support claiming the issue has been solved, but it has NOT.

50 (fifty) completed jobs are still missing from my profile “All Work’ job history. When can I expect a fix for this?

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hi everyone, 


on my profile it says i've compeleted 40 jobs and 13 hours

but in work history section it says Compeleted  Jobs (7)

why its like that? it will confuse the client that i've only completed 7 jobs out of 40? but in real all are completed and paid.

screenshot attached (i am viewing my profile as public)