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Cannot read any message in account from clients

Dear support team

Trying to solve this trouble while week, with no success.


1. Login to may account.

2. Trying to read a message (there is a sign thereis new message - green smal square).

3. After 5-7 seconds the browser shows:

Unable to load messages

 We’re running a quick test to see why. 

Reload the page to try again.

4. Tryin in various brousers (Chrome, Opera, Yandex). Tring to clear the cash. All the same - no able to read the message.

5. The only way is use Android Application. Trying 3-4 times I'll be able to read the message.

So any suugestions to fix the issue?

Greate thanks for any advise.

Community Member

Hi Grigorii,


Is your internet speed is Okey? Sometimes it does not load messages box because of slow internet speed. 


Kind Regards,



Hi, Abdul.

Thanks for attempting to help me. 

To tell the truth I watch the soccer mathces or some movies vie internet. To prove the speed, have just tested the speed:

  • Download speed 46.97 Mbit/s = 5.87 MByte/s
  • Upload speed 45.78 Mbit/s = 5.72 MByte/s

I hope it rathe fast enoght for upwork.

Any other suggestions?

Hi Grigorii,


You are absolutely right. It's enough speed for proper Upwork functioning. Have you checked with different times because sometimes, rarely it happends but mostly it works fantastic. 


I hope that Upwork assistance team representative will check it soon, 


Best Regards,



My wife advised me to try the upwork about 3 weeks ago. And we both created seperate accounts. She meets the same trouble - unable to see the messages. Of course, she has her own laptop (Windows 10, Chrome).

Last week I checked my message box every day 4-5 times. There is no results.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Grigorii, 


I've shared your account information with the team and they will get in touch with you to assist you further.

~ Avery

Hello, Avery


There a short movie, explayning our trouble:


Best regards,


After a lot of manipulations and adjusting the messages begin to be showing in Opera browser. In Crome they still NOT showing.

Thanks for helping.

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