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Declaring earn and status france

I am new in upwork I am french live in france... Have ITO create a status for working in upwork?? Have I TO declar even if I am not hired yet? If I earn less Than 100dollards have I TO declar ?
What is Vat and wher I can find this ? It is an obligation TO enter this number Thank you
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If you work as a freelancer in France, you have to register as such in France. If you work without declaring your status in France, sooner or later, you will be found out, as Upwork has to charge you TVA  service charge on every assignment you undertake on this site.


It is seriously not worth trying to work under the tax radar on Upwork - at any rate, if you are a citizen of an EU country.  


ETA: Have a look at this official website https://www.lautoentrepreneur.fr/savoir.htm. If you register as an autoentrepreneur, you have to declare every cent. You have to send in a quarterly statement. If you earn nothing in one quarter, you have to say so, but there is no charge on that.

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Hi Rania, Please refer to this helpful article about EU VAT. Thanks.

~ Jo-An




With respect, that information is useless until the OP is officially declared in France. Not having a VAT number is NO excuse for working without being fiscally declared.


I imagine this applies to every freelancer living in the EU. Some tax rules are lighter than others, but in France, the OP runs the risk of being heavily fined and worse, if he moonlights.


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