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Email Verification

I just signed up to hire Freelancers and im trying to verify my email. I have hit the resend verification, checked spam. did that about 4 times.  I used different emails.  Who at upwork can we chat with in customer support.  The community bot is a Joke...I has been over 45 minutes.

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I'm not receiving any of the verification emails I'm resending. Is there anything I can do differently? 


- Amanda Klenk

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I can not receive any email verification. There is also nothing in spam folder.

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Hello everyone. Can someone help me out with the verification email please? I have tried two different email addresses and had the link resent a handful of times to no avail. Any help is appreciated.


Thank you!



Jeremy R. Hays
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I've got the EXACT same issue. . . a little help please.

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I am having the same problem. I have even tried more than one email and neither has the email.

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I am having the exact same problem. I have hit the varificiaiton email button but I never received an email. I have checked all of my folders including JUNK and CLUTTER and there is no varification email in my email box. 


Can Someone help me?


Hi Kristie and Gregory,


Please resend the email one more time, check your inbox and spam folder, make sure you've entered the email address correctly and lastly use the option to change the email address you provided if you are still having issues.


Let us know if you received the confirmation email.


Thank you.

~ Bojan

As I already mentioned I tried more than 1 email and that still did not work. Different domains as well and no spam or email.

Hi All, we're currently experiencing technical issues that cause delays with email notifications. Our engineers are working to fix it as soon as possible. If you aren't receiving a notification for email verification, please try resending it later. We'll update this thread once the issue is resolved.


Additionally, you can receive the most recent updates on this page.


Thank you for your patience. 

~ Bojan

Seems this issue has been going on for some time, not just today, I'm receiving other emails from you just fine, but not the verification email. There should be some other way to verify, maybe a cell phone or something. Is there no support?

I have tried several email addresses too. I have checked all folders and there are no emails from Upwork. It is like they are not coming out of your system.

I just created a account and I never received a verification email. I have resend it many times and no luck. I have checked my spam/ junk and no luck.

I just received an email from upwork that said "Welcome to Upwork. Let's get started!" but when I click post a job in there it is still asking for verification.

This is a little ridiculous that clearly many people are having this issue.
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I signed up about an hour ago. I'm still waiting for a confirmation message. I have entered a new email address. And there was no message at the new address. I also checked the spam folders.

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I'm having the same issue and now receive a popup that says that I have to wait one hour before attempting to verify my email again. Therese

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As other people, I too have had this same issue with no being able to receive the email verifcation and I'm trying to get a job posted today. I wish there was a phone number for immediate help instead of the bot 😕 

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Can I get help with the same issue?



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I just signed up for an upwork account, created a posting, and it won't let me publish until my email is verified. I'm clicked the resend email button 50 times and also tried new email addresses and nothing is working. I've also tried looking through my spam folders, and it's not there either. I've also rechecked the spelling on the email. Can someone please help fix this issue? 

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same problem.
what can can ya'll kick over there to get that verification to come through?


thank you so kindly


**Edited for community guidelines**

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Can you help me? I never got the verification email and difficult to find customer service help. Very irritating. 

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also having trouble with this issue. email resend is timed out for an hour as well.

have verified the address and checked spam etc.

Hi everyone, 

As Bojan has earlier noted on this thread, we're currently experiencing technical issues that cause delays with email notifications. Our engineers are working to fix it as soon as possible. If you aren't receiving a notification for email verification, please try resending it later. You may check this page for more information.


We apologise if this has caused you any inconvenience.

~ Avery
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I haven't received the verification email despite requesting multiple times and even reaching the "verification email limit".

I have checked all folders, of course including junk and spam.

I have tried multiple different email accounts.

It appears this issue has affected hundreds of people, and yet nothing has been done to address it. 

Is there a way to solve this using a method I haven't already tried multiple times?

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Not receiving an email verification. Resent multiple times. What to do?

I'm having the same issue.

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I am trying to create an upwork account as a freelancer but have not received a verification email. I have refreshed, checked spam, triple checked that it is the correct email, and tried to resend to no avail. What can you recommend to get my email verified? Thank you!

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My verification email won't show up in any of my folders. I've tried both my addresses multiple times. Please help!

It showed up several hours after sending this, the links just won't work. This site is growing fishier by the minute.

Hi Nicholas,


Please try resending the email again and if you have any problems with the link in the email let me know. If you receive any errors on your end please send me a screenshot via PM. Thank you.

~ Goran
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I've tried to verify my email several times and I'm just not receiving the verificvation email. I have checked all my folders, including spam and junk folders. I have also confirmed that the email I am using is correct and vaild. Is there anything I can do to resolve the issue?

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Same here. Tried different emails and checked all mailboxes but no confirmation email received. If you can please assist. Thanks
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