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Re: Incorrect Job Success Score

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Michael R Member Since: Sep 3, 2018
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Just wanted to ask if anyone from Upwork can check my Job success score? All of my jobs were completed with 5 star ratings. However, my job success score went down to 80% the previous months and now went up to 89%. I am not sure what is the logic behind it but definitely this was not because of a negative feedback that I receive from my previous Clients. 


This is affecting my hire rate since the Clients are now having an impression that I have a history of not working properly with the projects. 


Can anyone help me? 




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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "Just wanted to ask if anyone from Upwork can check my Job success score?"


There is a LOT that you can read about Job Success Scores here in the Forum. Hundreds of posts and threads which reveal information about this, and answer your questions.


You need to ask yourself which of these you believe to be true:

- (A) Although there are millions of users, and every freelancer's Job Success Score is calculated automatically using the same algorithm, I think that something is unique about me. Somehow the algorithm operated differently for me than it did for everybody else.


- (B) Somebody at Upwork, for reasons I can't explain, singled me out and manually changed my Job Success Score


- (C) I am disappointed in my current Job Success Score, and wish it was higher. The reason it is lower than I expected it would be is not actually a mistake, but is due to factors which contribute to the score, factors which I do not yet fullly understand. But I understand that the same factors contribute to everybody's scores.

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Michael, since your profile is private we (regular contributors that is) can't look at it, which makes it difficult to speculate why your JSS is fluctuating. But at least it increased with the last calculation, so keep doing great work and it should be a matter of time before it's above 90%.

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