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Invitation to interview in the clients message rather than in "Invitation s to interview" section??

I am new to Upwork.

I submitted a few proposals and two clients came back with messages like **Edited for Community Guidelines** 

I’ve reviewed your application and i'd like to schedule an interview with you. Please make sure to be available any day of the week within business hours(8:00am-5:30pm EST, 14/02/2022-18/02/2022). Click the link and follow the instructions.
**Edited for Community Guidelines** 

Is it a scam?

Should the interview invitation show up in "Invitation s to interview" section????????


I reported these messages, but there is absolutely no reaction whatsever from Upwork..


Where does a real legit invitation appear???????????

Please, help.

Thank you


Hi Olga,


Thanks for reaching out! When a client replies to your proposal it is not shown under invitations to interview. What shows there are invites. These happen when a client finds your profile while searching and invites you to apply to their job post. 


That said, it looks like this client is trying to communicate with you outside Upwork before a contract is in place. Please know that this is against our Terms of Service. I can see you were able to flag their message already and I will be sending this report directly to the team as well. For more information about working safely through Upwork, please read these tips for avoiding questionable jobs.

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How would I communicate with a client inside UpWork? How would the client interview me?

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You might get unsolicited invitations from clients, those would show up in this section. If you do, ignore them. No serious clients send invitations to unproven freelancers. That might start happening once you have a good work history. 

Thank you.

If I were to get a real job offer from the client what would the process be? I read a few guides by now, none of them has step by step tutorial for the communicating with the customer.

So I start with submitting a proposal.

I assume that the client would want to talk to me before offering the job to the stranger. Hiw does it happen? Is there a skype inside UpWork? How would a potential client interview me within UpWork?

How do I get job offer?

Thank you, Olga

You send a proposal.

If the client answers, you get an email and a message in the upwork messages section. You can also activate a pop-up so you see any message immediately.

You can text or have an upwork zoom call. 

Once you are in agreement, the client sends an offer. You click accept. You have a contract.

Everything is within upwork, never outside. 


how to have "an upwork zoom call"?

I see these links in Messages.


When I click on Schedule a Meeting I am being asked to supply my google email to get access to my calendar, but there is no Zoom.

Thank you


Hi Olga,


You can find instructions on how to start a call on Upwork using Zoom here.


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Yes, it is a scam.

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Olga this is a massive scam and is never ending. The scammers setup new accounts everyday, pretend to be from well known, reputable, and large companies, ask you to interview via Skype, have you answer an interview questionnare, and then offer you a contract-all via Skype. They steal company logos, information, setup false email accounts, and will ask you to deposit a fraudulent check for "computer equipment" and have you zelle the "vendor" to purchase it. Anytime you receive the same client response as you did, report the job and block the "client." 

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