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Is it wrong or correct my profile? Would you advise me, please?


I created my new profile based on Social Media Marketing category. I tried to highlight and describe everything in my profile. My query is anything missing or needs to add more? So,
it would be helpful if anyone advises me. 

My profile links:






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1. The client sees only the first 2 lines of your profile before deciding to look further or skip it, and you waste both of these on greetings. Plus, hi everyone! is misplaced for further reasons: You might, from your point of view, be adressing a vast number of anonymous people on the internet. But look at it from a client's perspective: he/she is a single person sitting in front of his screen, not a group of people that get together in a group setting to hire a freelancer. So this greeting will not make a connection to a potential client. 

2. No need to further introduce yourself, the client knows your name already. 

3. Less talk about yourself, more about how you solve your client's problems. 

Thanks a lot for guideline and instructions. I will follow the instructions.


Thanks again,



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