New Agency (Applying for a job and my friend will work with it)

Hi I created a new agency my problem is how can I apply for a job using my agency account?  (Cover letter?)


Also How can I tell that I am the only one have full command or have a experience on doing that job. I just teach my friends and they know it how to do the things that I can do.


If you have an agency can you show me your sample cover letter? Please?


I forgot mention that I am inviting my friends to join to my Agency and work in the same place..


I am still new so hope that you can teach me.


Thanks for your time


Have a nice day a head




Hi Paolo,

Thanks for reaching out. Please check this link about Agencies and How you Manage an Agency. An agency would have one owner and multiple members. Agency members can have different permissions and roles assigned to them by the owner. Hope this helps.

~ Jo-An