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New here

Hello all,


I am new here and excited to get started on the platform.  I have experience freelancing but just learned about Upwork.  

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Welcome to the Big Show. 


Upwork is a somewhat absorbing platform with rules and regs and obsessed members and one or two success stories and plenty of folks who tag along and all the other foibles of a nuanced, ridiculous organization. 


And maybe a few cynics, like me.


Anyway, it's lately been a cautionary tale. Membership has ballooned ever since Covid drove all the geese and rabbits inside and closed the bars on Main Street. There's lots of buzz about how the new members are clogging up the pipeline, the same kind of talk you heard when the Mesopotamians started taking jobs from the Canaanites (or was it the other way around?). Anyway, same old cheese whiz, as they say.


The forums are helpful, but you get 20 answers to one quetion here and sometimes that's less helpful than just one answer from a paid source. I use to call the support system here twice a week and often said I'd call them if my pencil rolled under my desk. They have a great support system, so if you want one answer (instead of 25) put their number in your Rolodex.

I'm an excellent dog trainer, but now when anyone asks me for dog training advice, I just say, "Look it up on YouTube." So, welcome to the club, have fun and look it up on YouTube. I hope that covers it.

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