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Newbie Question

Hi I'm new here and after 2 days I got my first contract for $50 I would like to ask how long it takes to credit my pay after completion of the contract? Like I said I'm new and I'm using a mobile phone.
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I don't know what "credit my pay" means.

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Did you have an active contract on Upwork? If so, you can see how getting paid works here.

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Community Manager

Hi Noel, 

I checked your account and it looks like you have a fixed-price contract. Please make sure that you go to your contract page, and click on the "Submit work/Request for payment" button to request the client to pay for the work you have completed. 

Please also read up on the link Jennifer sent to understand how the moneys in escrow move from the client account to your account. 

~ Avery
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How long before I get paid after completing my contract?

5 days if your client approves the work

14 days if they don't (yet). Some clients just want to let the 14 days period pass over approveing payment.

Hieu T
Vietnamese translator

Hieu's information only refers to fixed price contract milestones.If it was an hourly contract, it's subject to the Weekly Billing Cycle.

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