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No Luck getting response from Clients


I have submitted 18 proposals and not recieved a single response from any clients.

Every proposal that I have sent are unique and specifically tailored for their requirements. Also, I attach my work with it. Along with that, I have also added my portfolio and sent bidding as low as 5 dollars for few of them and as high as 40 $ for few others.

I really wanted to know what else I can do to Atleast get an invitation to interview. I have literally exhausted all my connects.
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Hi Meet G,

I know how hard it is to get a job, I have sent over 30+ proposals to get my first job, same as you said, I never copy and pastes cover letters, I prepare carefully for each job, the reason is that there are 100s of freelancers who is top rated with a lot of good reviews, so it's all about luck and clients taste to get accepted.


It's very important to polish your profile always, go through other top-rated freelancers profile and see how they prepared it, and try different methods to check which is working or not.


also bring non-Upwork clients testimony, that will help improve reputation. 


Remember it's just a short-term struggle, once we overcome then things are going to be fine.


I hope this helps.

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