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Upwork sent money to payoneer account where card is blocked.

Upwork sent money to payoneer account where card is blocked and asked about confirmation. When I was trying to confirm it, it told me that my account is cancelled. 

I checked my payonner account and it's not cancelled. Only card is blocked. New card has been requetsed and arraive in 3-4 weeks. What will happened with my money. They are on availble in upwork and not arrived to payonner. How long confirmation link will be available? 

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Upwork sent your money to your payoneer account. Regardless of the card number, the money will be sent to your Payoneer account only. You will have to contact Payoneer about this and if they issued a new card in the same Payoneer account, the money will be loaded to the new card.

Thanks for answer

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