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User name change or account reinstate with desired user name


I need support to change user name of my current account "**Edited for Community Guidelines**" or reinstate account with user name "**Edited for Community Guidelines**".

Initially I was not aware about the process & rules about the profile creation. Due to ignorance I have created more than one account to get the desired profile with user name "**Edited for Community Guidelines**". 


Please help to change the user name of current account as "**Edited for Community Guidelines**" instead of "**Edited for Community Guidelines**" or help to reinstate the other account "**Edited for Community Guidelines**" with all details (Phone No, Mail Id, Address, Image etc) of current account (**Edited for Community Guidelines**).

I need only a account with user name "**Edited for Community Guidelines**" & profile with all proper details.

Please check & guide on this. 

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Soumen,

Unfortunately the UserID can`t be changed and our team will close your current account. Just to confirm that your account with the desired UserID is not closed and you can log in. Thank you.

~ Goran
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