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What does this means? "Withdrawn: Job application is cancelled by Upwork"

Yesterday, my proposals is withdrawn by upwork after it suspended for verification action!! I contacted the customer support, and they replied my by sending me the rules of withdrawn proposals and what happens to its connects, and they add me 10 Connects as a one-time courtesy!! but what I want to know, after doing the verification process again, there is no need to withdraw my proposals by upwork!! Why I did not get my proposals active again? I am concerned about facing this again in the future!! is upwork going to withdraw all my proposals when any verfication process is needed?


Hi Majd, 


I checked and it looks like our team has already replied to your ticket to provide you more information regarding the proposals being withdrawn. Please check your ticket number: 29882733 for more information. I also checked that you submitted another ticket. One of our agents will update you directly on your ticket. 

~ Joanne


I have the same problem, I got verified today but my proposals are withdrawn. Can you please check! 

Thank you 

Hi Boulahri,


It looks like you were not able to complete the verification before the due date. When this happens your account is placed on a temporary hold until you're able to verify. If this happens, any submitted proposals are withdrawn.


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