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When my first payment will be released?

Hello, I earned 240$ from my first week of the current project, I'm working on. When the 240$ will be released? because it has being more than 10days already. And how can I withdraw it? Thanks

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Yennifer, you can read the full explanation here:


Briefly, for hourly jobs, the work week ends Sunday. Client has 5 days to review. So sometime Friday, review ends, and money moves from In Review to Pending. It stays there for 5 days (security period) and then becomes Available to withdraw sometime Tuesday.

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To add to John K's response if it was a fixed priced FUNDED contract? Did you submit the work through 'SUBMIT Thingy'?  If so then they have 14 days to respond/approve.  After 14 days funds automatically go to your account.  But don't hit submit button again.  It resets the clock to 14 days after that submit action. If they have approved then I believe there is a 5 day hold from Upwork side, but your money is safe.

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Hi Yennifer,


Depending on the type of contract, the time and process may vary. Please, to reinforce what our friends have shared with you, read thoroughly how to get paid for fixed price contracts or for hourly contracts.


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