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Work process on Upwork



I am super new and have never worked with Upwork before. I thought I give it a go and have now 2 accepted proposals where the client would like to hire me. What is the process from now? What to I need to do? 

Are they sending me all the requirements and deadlines?


Can I still decline if I think the company/work is not interesting, as we do not really know who the company is and what they do.


Thanks in advance and sorry for the stupid questions.

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Hi Lawinia,


Welcome and congrats on those 2 accepted proposals 🙂 


After the client accepts your proposal, the interview stage starts. That's where you talk to the client and discuss the project so they can decide if they actually want to hire you or someone else (clients usually interview multiple freelancers before setting their mind on someone, so if your proposal got accepted, it doesn't yet mean that you got the job). That's also where you can get to know more about the client and the project and decide if you want to work on it. If you go to the original job posting, you can see how many freelancers the client is interviewing.


During the interview process, it is important to discuss all the job-related details, such as deadlines, budget, clients' expectations, and so on. Basically, anything that you need to know to make sure that you can complete the project successfully. Sometimes the clients don't know exactly how much time is needed for the project to be done or how much it should cost, so you don't always need to wait for them to send those details to you, you can initiate a discussion yourself. The whole interview stage is a space for an open discussion pretty much.


If after the interview stage you both decide to continue working on the project together, the client needs to send you a contract with an offer, and you need to accept it. Until you accept it, you can at any moment decide that you're not interested in the job after all, and let the client know that. You're only officially hired after you accept the contract. 

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