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payment issues

Hello there, I have a problem regarding payment. I filled all the information needed to get payed ( I think I did ), but every time I go to get payed I get the e- mail saying:

We attempted to process your recent payment request but unfortunately it failed.
As a result, the funds have been returned to your Upwork account and we need you to update your payment method for future payments.

I don`t know what is happening please help... I am also getting a notification on Upwork acc saying that my payment cant be processed. Please help.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Vukasin, 

It looks like there is an issue with the payment method you are using. I'll go ahead and check this with the team, but it would also be best if you can look into your Paypal account, and check with them directly why there's an issue with sending money to your Paypal account. In the meantime, please add an alternative payment method to be able to withdraw your Upwork earnings.

~ Avery
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