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Unity vs. HTML5 (Phaser or React)

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Akin A Member Since: Dec 7, 2018
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Front-end developers:

- our team is looking to create a web based 3D animation experience (it's quite simple, a crystal ball with the ability to rig commands to change the sounds, colors, and effects around the crystal ball).  We are planning to run it on the web (not iOS or android), but want a good experience both on desktop and mobile. 

- We are debating between Unity and HTML5 technologies. 

- Any insight and advice on the best platform is welcomed. 


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Nabeel Y Member Since: Jul 27, 2017
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I am a Top Ranked Front End web developer and junior unity developer with a team of unity developer at my firm.

I read your crystal ball animation post, From my experiance in front-end web and unity


1- You can have this job done quite easily in HTML canvas and but it will it will not look as good as it will if you use unity.

2- For mobile browser HTML canvas is really has great control have can easily be adjusted to any size screen, But I would still Prefer unity because of the visual it provide even on mobile.


Hope I was Helpfull


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