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Beneficiary name mismatch dilemma

After a week of not receiving my withdrawn funds, I raised a ticket. In response to the ticket, I got a mail this morning telling me that the funds have been re-sent to my Upwork account and that I need to re-add my payment method. I have used this same payment method to withdraw twice already, so I'm not sure what's wrong now.

Anyway, I went on to add the payment method and they cited a "beneficiary name mismatch". Apparently, the name I entered is my Upwork verified profile name "Onyedika Aneke" whereas my bank account name includes my middle name "Onyedika Chibuzo Aneke".

I decided maybe I should add my middle name to my Upwork profile but then found out Upwork does not give room for middle names. On finding this out, I went on to re-add my payment method, now including my middle name and this has been accepted without issues.

My question now is, could this negatively affect my ability to withdraw funds since my middle name which I included in my payment information is not part of my verified profile name on Upwork? Please help me out here, I don't want to wait another week without getting these funds.


Hi Onyedika,


I can see that one of our agents has already reached out to you. You can access the ticket by logging in to your Upwork account and going here

~ Joanne
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