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Grammarly Integration in Proposal Cover Letter

Starting March 20, some freelancers will now benefit from the integration of Grammarly, a grammar and spelling typing assistant, as they write proposal cover letters on Upwork.


Check out the product release for Grammarly Integration in Proposal Cover Letter and let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.

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Im not sure how i feel about this. On one hand it is a useful feature to better craft your proposals, very useful if english is not your native language, and its provided for free! On the other hand, if a client thinks well written proposal is important, they would expect the same skillset throughout the project, can you keep up with that promise? 

Should become apparent in the interview stage.


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Didn't we have this years ago?


yep, I definitely remember it

Hi Mary,


We've tested similar features in the past and Grammarly integration has been available in the Catalog Project creation flow for some time now. 

~ Valeria
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I already have the Grammarly extension so this doesn't affect me, but it might help other non-native English speakers.

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So, this won't be for all. Is it random assignment, or are some demographics going to be targeted? Personally, if I am selected, I would like to opt out just because I will find it disruptive. But I'm a native for my working language, which I know is not the case for many.


That's correct. Since this is a test, it's currently available to a small group of freelancers. However, we may roll it out to more people. 
It's not possible to opt out entirely but there is an option to dismiss Grammarly's recommendation. I'll pass your feedback on to the team though. 

~ Valeria

I want to add another vote to the ability to opt out. I was just in the middle of writing a proposal, and Grammarly kept flagging things. It was a first pass. I was going to go back and fix my mistakes when I got to the end. It probably added an extra 20 minutes to writing my letter because it kept interrupting my train of thought. I need Grammarly disabled. Not everyone works the same. Isn't that one of the basic ideas behind a freelancing website?

Hi Rebecca,


I can see here that you are pertaining to the Grammarly Icon that has been integrated into some parts of proposals - Cover Letter and Questions.

You can disable this by clicking it or hovering it and clicking "off" or the off icon.

~ AJ

I've looked everywhere for what is in your image, and I can't find it. Am I in a beta group that can't turn it off?


Edit: Never mind... I found a different icon in the bottom right corner of the page that doesn't appear until text is entered in the box. It didn't offer an option for how long it is disabled, so the verdict is still out on that, but it does appear to be off for now.

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Thanks for this update Shannon! Just curious, will this integration only leverage the free plan from Grammarly or also use their premium plan features?

Hi Robert,


The integration includes the free plan. Thanks for your question!

~ Valeria
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By promoting Grammarly, Upwork is undermining every copy-editor who uses this site. Grammarly is a competitor, and Upwork is supporting and promoting a competitor. Posters who are seeking editing services will be influenced to use Grammarly for ALL their needs, not just for proposals. This is insulting, to say the least, but not the first time Upwork has insulted professionals who've used this site for years.

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Um, Grammarly doesn't fix all errors, and it's just as likely to create errors as fix them, if you don't know what you are looking at. I know a lot of editors, and none of them care about Grammarly as competition. 

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I don't like this, there are many of us that work hard on our english and grammar delivery skills.

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It's very useful for the everyone.


Community Member

Thank you it improves my learning skills 

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There's no good reason to do this. Why make a client think a freelancer has better writing and communicating skills than he or she actually has, only to find out in the interview that they are not who they represent themselves to be? It's a waste of time for clients and an affront to those of us who are already using correct grammar. We do not need to do anything to prop up bad freelancers. There are too many on the site already and they need to go away.

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I keep getting a popup on Upwork asking me if I want Upwork to install about 1GB on my computer.  I click "Disallow" but it keeps popping up during my session. I suspect this is related to Grammarly integration, but I'm not certain.  Whatever the case, how can I stop this intrusive behavior?  I don't want to have to keep stopping work in order to clear a popup.

Hi Ben,


Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the message you're seeing on your end so we can check?

~ Luiggi
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Pls, keep me posted. I'm interested 

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