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Money back after completed and rated hourly order

Hello there!


I have a weird situation and I dont understand what happened.


I have completed an hourly (4 hours) order and my client rated me with 5 stars and left a nice feedback (I have 100% success contracts).

It was ont the 19th Dec 2022.


On the 13th of Jan 2023 Upwork got money back and told me that the client initiated money back.

Besides Upwork (support by email) told me that:

In this case, however, Upwork Payment Protection doesn’t apply (it only applies to hourly contracts).

But I replied that it was hourly contract...

Then Upwork replied:

Meanwhile, review of your work diary shows it has No Memos, Manual time and No contract-related activity in Work Diary, thus , it is not covered by Upwork's Hourly Payment Protection for Freelancers. To avoid this situation in the future, we recommend that you review the guidelines for Upwork's Hourly Protection for Freelancers. For more information please see: ...

I replied that I had tracking and memos.. Here it is my screen shot:

Screenshot from 2023-01-24 20-22-59.png


After that Upwork stopped reply me with email.

I decided to ask my client about charge back and he replied me that he was satisfied with my work (he left a warm feedback) and he did not any charge back....


Hi Oleg,


I can certainly understand your concerns and want you to know that in situations where the client contacts their bank and asks them to reverse the payment, Upwork offers to challenge the chargeback in an attempt to help the freelancer get the money back. Upwork would need to move quickly, so please provide the requested proof of the work or deliverables within 48 hours of being notified of the reversal if you’d like us to proceed.
Upwork Payment Protection doesn’t apply in these cases unless the contract in question is hourly and the requirements listed here are met.
Upwork team would also review the client’s Upwork account because reversing a payment in most cases is against our Terms of Service.
We highly recommend to coordinate with our support team on your support ticket so they can assist you further.

~ AJ

Thank you Annie, but proof of my work is inside the contract. You can see it. I uploaded there 9 files.

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Hi Oleg,


I’m sorry but I won’t be able to assist you here further. Your ticket is assigned to the correct team, and they should be able to help you with your concern. I would recommend adding these to the same ticket thread so that the team has the correct information to assist you more efficiently. Please don’t hesitate to update the same ticket thread if you have further questions or concerns.

~ AJ
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