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Not getting any reply on the ticket since 9 days or so

My cousin's account has been suspended in 2020 because of USA sanctions on Syria. However, he moved to Egypt, and wants it to be reactivated. He also wants to change his profile picture, but the button is grayed out.

He got an email in the past telling "Once you are no longer located in a U.S. sanctioned region, please login to your account and reply to this email." He replied to the email 9 days ago or around that, and still till now, no reply. This is the number of the ticket: 46262630

He also tried to talk to an agent via the support chat, but it wasn't working on his account as it's suspended. Can you please tell the responsible team to check the ticket?


Hi Ruzam,


I checked your account and saw that you've already submitted a support ticket to our team. You can access the ticket here

~ Joanne
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Hi Joanne,
They replied back to his ticket, but they keep rejecting his verification. One of the support team members told him "We will accept your lease agreement as long as it has a notary stamp.  If your residency ID was issued within the last 6 months we will be able to accept both the front and back sides of the ID."

He submitted two photos of the residency card in one pdf file, but they didn't accept it. And last time, he submitted a photo of a notarized lease agreement, and they didn't accept it either.

The support person said "Please provide the notarized copy of your lease agreement.". This is what he submitted, and it has the details, and there is a stamp on it. Why are they doing this to him?

They also asked him many times to change his profile picture, but the button in his profile is not functioning. It's grayed out. He told them this many times, but he never got a proper reply about it. It's like he's getting almost the same replies sent by different people.

It's been about 3 weeks like this. Here are some screenshots.

Old Ticket Number: 46262630
New Ticket Number: 46303529


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Hi Ruzam, 


I shared your post with the team handling the case you are referring to. Please ask them to continue communicating with our team directly as they are the ones that can best assist them. We won't be able to share any additional information here in the Community. 

~ Nikola
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