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Unable To Submit Proposal

Upwork Support,


I'm unable to click submit on the vast majority of jobs I look at.

I've tried clearing cookies, cache, and using a different browser, but the problem persists.


Please open a support ticket for me.

Please add support tickets link to your FAQ page.


Please notate how to resolve this issue in your FAQ page (there are dozens of posts for years with the same issue and every single one is resolved by a Moderator offering to open a support ticket, but provides no further explanation nor a direct link to open a support ticket. 


Hi Brian,


I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue. Please keep in mind there are many possible reasons why a freelancer may be unable to send proposals and we help each one of you accordingly. 


We'll have the appropriate team reach out to you directly via support ticket in order to assist you,

Community Member

Hi there, 


I am unable to send the proposals on upwork from my freelancer account and my agency's account. My agency has taken the membership plan and i have tried to send the proposals from different browser also, but the problem still persists. Request you to please resolve the issue at the earliest. Thanks!



Hi Pallavi,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Could you please share more information about the issue you experience? Do you receive any error messages on your end? If you do please share a screenshot from your end so that we can assist you accordingly. 

~ Nikola

Hi Nikola, 


Thank you for your response! The submit proposal button is shown disabled when i am trying to send the proposal on a project. No error, has been received at my end. Please find the screenshot for your reference. Thanks!




Hi Pallavi,

Someone from our team will reach out to you via support ticket in order to assist you further.

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