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Verification of my account and date of birth issue


I broght in a client for direct contract the moment he paid , my upwork account was suspended . 

In trying to verify my account , I was told that I am not up to 18 years .

Now , my client is on my neck for his funds . what can I do. Pls I need your help.




Hi Enegobru,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked and it looks like you need to complete the identity verification process. You can start by clicking here


Additionally, I would like to clarify that all Upwork users must be 18 years of age or older. Therefore, if an account owner is younger than 18, due to privacy and legal requirements, their account will be closed and the account information deleted. Once they have reached 18 they are able to sign up for a new account. Unfortunately, they won't be able to revive the account they created when they were underage.


~ Nikola
Community Member

Since I can't verify it since am not up to 18 years, Can I change the account information to my older sister's who is above 18 and verify it with her ID?

Hi Enegobru,


Thank you for your response. I'm really sorry to learn that you're not qualified yet to use the platform since you're under 18 years old. However, It looks like action has been taken on your account due to these circumstances. Please understand that our goal is to simply ensure the identity and information provided by a user are accurate, and that Upwork is being used in the way it is intended. With that said, using your sister's identity to verify your profile is not an option and is against Upwork's TOS. 


Don't worry! As Nikola mentioned, once you reached 18, you can come back and sign up for a new account. 


~ Arjay
Community Member

Hello, how will I now get my money that's on my account?

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