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account suspension after getting an email about unauthorized activity and losing my TOP RATED BADGE

I received an email last May 31st about somebody from California who got into my account. I reset my password as soon as I saw that. So I got my access back, everything seemed to be okay and normal, it seems that the person didn't get the chance to do anything on my account because I acted right away, but still, I wanted to make sure. After resetting my password, I was still worried that person from California might still be on my account (there's no place where you can see what devices you are log in or at least an option where you can log out your account from all the devices you used to log in in the past) So I contacted support, told them what happened and that I reset my password already and just wanted them to check their website's security because despite the security questions set up, 2 step authentication, somebody was still able to login to my account. I received an email back from regular customer support and told me somebody from the Account Security team will get back to me. So June 1st, someone from Account security team told me that they have suspended my account and that I need to do some ID verification, submit a picture of my passport and a picture of me holding it. I did the ID verification and it said it will be for a review within 24 hrs. I waited days and 1 week have passed. Nothing! I tried contacting other customer supports but 2 supports that I've talked to told me they can't help me because there is an open ticket, told me to just wait for the account security team to get back to me. June 9th which is today, I got an email from that same person from Account security team that they have reinstated my account, (since when did ID verification takes that long?) I logged in to my account, and to my surprise, MY TOP RATED BADGE IS GONE because of the recent account hold/ suspension!! I was baffled. First of all that wasn't my fault. they could have given me assurance that my account is now safe after resetting my password instead of suspending my account. Not only that I didn't get to work for my client for more than a week but also I lost my badge for something that wasn't even my fault. It's frustrating you thought support could help you, but ended up causing you a lot of trouble, Please see screenshots. The only resolution that they came up with after 1 week of suspending my account was asking me to reset my password, AGAIN! which was something I have done before I contacted them. I should have shut up and moved on after resetting my password. Is there a way to get my TOP RATED BADGE back or to file an appeal? I'm also curious about how I could report those customer supports that I've talked to because they sat on my ticket for a week, nobody gave me any update until I threatened them that I would contact the executives if I don't hear back from them asap. 


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Hi Justine,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear about your Top rated badge and your experience with the Account Security team. I'll have one of our customer support agents reach out to you directly and assist you further.


Thank you,


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Thanks! I'll look forward to it


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