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Getting less jobs through your API

Good day dear Upwork Team

We use your API to get a list of the jobs of the last 24 hours, and have noticed that during the last months, between february and july, without changing our code, the number of jobs we receive per day has gone clearly lower, the amount of jobs we get per day is lower and lower.
Is there any reason for this? have you made changes in the limits of your API? we are not seeing any error related to this. We are not seeing rate limit errors, all looks good, and no important errors are reported by the API. And yet the volume of jobs we can extract today is much lower than months ago, how could we find the reason for this? thank you so very much

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Javier,


Just to confirm, have you compared the number of jobs you`ve received via the API with the number of jobs on the website? If yes, could you confirm if you`ve noticed that the number of jobs on the website is higher? Thank you.

~ Goran