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Such fun

Flagging fake profile pictures and copied profiles.  Gives Monday a whole new meaning!

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Assuming you spent 10 minutes doing this, then it was actually 10 minutes wasted of your day I'm afraid, Mary.

The website drips with fake users to an unbelievable degree, a truly astonishing, nauseating, depressing degree. 


The reason it's a waste of time, is that if you come back and check after a few days, you would realize that the flagged jobs or account still show some activity, or at least are not closed.


Just happened to me right now, I was scammed 2 days ago: after 5 hours of intense work, I uploaded said work, then they closed the contract (it was my fault for falling for an account with no history, and not using the tracker).


All I had left was to flag the job. Today I got a message being told that the client has reported and blocked me. 


I chuckled at how ironic it was to be reported by the thief.  


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Actually, I somewhat disagree.  I have flagged profiles sporadically since ODesk days and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  I don't feel like I wasted my time at all. Sorry for your problem but you really need to use the tracker all the time, every time.

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Hi Mary. I like that you found a good solution to name this fake flood. As for me, I feel sad for these people. Fortunately, fake for a while, but the truth is for all time.

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